Our tours offer a unique glimpse into life in Oaxaca through the perspective of individual artisans and business women. We visit small communities just outside of the city of Oaxaca where you will meet hard-working, optimistic, and problem-solving women who are part of En Vía’s microloan program. You will hear directly from these women about their businesses, their communities, and their experiences with micro-finance.

The tours highlight artisanal trades, traditional foods, local economy, and of course En Vía’s micro-finance model.

You will gain not only a better understanding of the challenges of life here – in the second poorest state of Mexico – but also help provide a viable path out of poverty. We use your tour donation to fund our loan and education programs.

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What people say

"Charming and beautiful.

I feel honored to have experienced an authentic Mexico."

"Inspirational - don't miss it - all tourism should be like this, nurture the artists."  

"Wonderful to see strong, empowered women doing what they love!"

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