Our Team

Our organization is supported by a small (but talented and tireless) staff and robust team of volunteers. At any given time we have from 15 to 40 volunteers working with us.  These passionate volunteers make it possible of us to execute the range of programs that we work on.

Our accomplishments are also thanks to a network of supporters and donors from around the world that are dedicated to community development, and of course, to the dedication and persistence of the women that participate in our programs.

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Kristina - English Coordinator

Kristina believes strongly in the value of nonprofit organizations and has always been interested in intercultural exchange. Originally from Austria, Kristina has worked in Thailand, California and Costa Rica. Her goal is to generate positive contributions through her work with En Vía. As part of En Vía’s mission of community empowerment, Kristina provides free English classes to community members and enables a productive exchange between local students and international volunteer teachers.