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Become an Ambassador !

If you enjoyed your tour with us or have volunteered with us in the past and want to get more involved, you can support our program by becoming a volunteer En Vía Ambassador!  



What does becoming an Ambassador mean? 

En Vía Ambassadors support our programs wherever they are. We are looking for motivated people to help us spread the word. Your mission is to help us strengthen our Responsible Tourism Program, which in turn gives us the resources to grow our Microfinance and Education Programs, ensuring a more profound and sustainable impact within the communities we work. 


We need Ambassadors to recruit groups to join us on Private Project Tours - an immersive 5-day experience in the Tlacolula Valley, exploring the culture and getting to know the different communities through development projects, cooking classes and artisan workshops.

What do you need to be an Ambassador?

You don't need to be in Oaxaca to be an Ambassador. You decide when, where and how! As an Ambassador, you can help from the comfort of your own home. You just need the following:

  • Experience with En Vía, whether it be as a tour participant, volunteer or anything else!

  • Enthusiasm for En Vía's work and vision

  • Ideas on who might be interested in joining En Vía's Project Tours

How can you help

There are so many ways you can promote us in your local community and amongst your friends and family. Below are just some ideas!

  • Put up posters

  • Write about us in a local newsletter

  • Share our social media posts

  • Present our work and the Project Tours to your local school/church/university

  • Send personal invites to friends or family who would be interested in joining a Project Tour

What support will you receive?

The Responsible Tourism Manager will communicate with you directly to provide individual support throughout promotion, planning and on the actual tour. She will help you come up with new ideas, answer any queries and ensure that you have everything you need as an Ambassador. 

You also have the assurance and commitment of the whole En Vía team that you and your group will have an amazing and immersive experience with us, while giving back responsibly to the communities

We will provide you with all the materials you will need! Our Ambassador pack includes extensive information about En Vía and the Project Tours as well as promotional materials such as posters, brochures, a video and a powerpoint. You can use the information and the materials in this pack to reach out to individuals and groups that you think might be interested.

You will eventually be part of an international Ambassador network, who can share ideas and success stories with each other. 

Interested in becoming an En Vía Ambassador?

E-mail us at and we will send you our Ambassador Pack with all the information and materials you need!

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