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About En Vía


To promote the empowerment of women, the well-being of families and the strengthening of communities by providing participatory programs that encourage the growth of income-generating businesses and personal development. 


Fundación En Vía is a non-profit organization that works to empower women to better support themselves and their families. We use funds generated through responsible tourism to provide interest-free loans and educational programs to entrepreneurial women in 5 communities in the Tlacolula Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico.   

  • We started off as a pilot project in 2008, with the idea to have a different experience for tourist and bring benefits for communities at the same time.

  • The organization was founded by Carlos Topete (Oaxaca) and Emily Berens (United States) in 2010, as Fundación Emprende, Intercambia y Aprende A. C.

  • We are better known as Fundación En Vía 

  • We support communities of Tlacolula Valley

  • We are a small staff and are mostly made up of a big team of volunteers



Our History

Tax Information: Fundación En Vía is a registered asociación civil / civil association in Mexico. We are registered as Fundación Emprende, Intercambia, y Aprende, A.C.  


We are not registered as a 501(c)3 organization in the United States.

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