Image by engin akyurt

              Our protocol 

           against Covid-19

1) Wearing a face mask

The use of face masks to join our tours are mandatory, this to protect each and every guest, our staff and volunteers and our partners in the communities.

The use of face screens will be requested during our time inside the vans when traveling to the communities we are visiting, for that we recommend you bringing your own. Otherwise masks and screens will be available for purchase at our office.


2)Use a Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer will be available and we encourage you to use it and ask for it as much as needed.


Both guides and entrepreneurs will have it available for your use.

3)Taking your temperature

At the start of our tours we will ask you to please allow us to take your temperature. Anyone with a temperature of over 37.5 C won’t be allowed to join the tour. 

Our staff members will measure their temperature before coming to work and if they have a fever of over 37.5 degrees, they will not be permitted to work. We trust the judgement and sense of responsibility of everyone in En Via to protect us all.

4) Saying Hello!

We ask you to please refrain from shaking hands or any other greeting that requires contact. Let’s wave, use our feet or even bow but stay protected and say hello from a distance.

During our tours you will get a chance to shop: we ask you to please reduce the amount of touching and exploring the products you want to buy.


We understand that feeling the texture or quality of a specific product might be important but we ask you to keep it to a minimum possible

Thank you for following the protocol against the spread of the covid-19 for the good of all.