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Solicitud: Survey of all En Vía Borrowers 2016/2017:  

     In this initial survey we collected information on

          1) Demographic & Financial Information,

          2) Initial measurements for the Progress out of Poverty Index,

          3) Borrowers self-reporting on investments, profits, and growth

1) Demographic and Financial data collected: 

Education Level:


Number of Children:

  En Vía women reported having anywhere from 0-9 children, with 41 answering "0" and 3 answering "9". 

On average En Vía women have 2.3 children

Banking & Financial Info:




of En Vía women women report having $3,000 pesos or more in savings (approximately $170 USD) 

2) Progress Out of Poverty Index: Explanation here about what the PPI is and how we plan to use it.

3) Stats on investment, growth, and health of business: Some stats hear gathered in the last 3 sections of the solicitud with an explanation about the bias that we suspect in these answers and how we plan to proceed with these questions.

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