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Donate to En Vía's Education Program!

Help us raise $5,000 USD for our Education Program in 2022 to educate 100 women!

Make sure to add  the note "Education Program 2022!"to your donation 


Our Work

Fundación En Vía is a non-profit organization that works to empower women to better support themselves and their families.  We provide interest-free loans and educational programs to 270 entrepreneurial women in 5 communities just outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. 

At En Vía we fundamentally believe in the combination of micro-loans with education. Through education programs, En Vía participants gain the business knowledge and skills that they need in order to effectively leverage their loan money.

Our Goal!

Provide our introductory business course to the newly integrated women entrepreneurs of En Vía. With $5000 USD, we can give 100 women our introductory business course, which teaches basic business management and financial literacy skills.  

Your donations will help pay for...

  • Our Education team 

  • Transport for education staff to and from our communities

  • Materials for our business courses 

Make sure to add  the note "Education Program 2022!"to your donation 

More about En Vía's Education Program!

Foundational Business Management Course

This is the first step to entering our program. All women entrepreneurs interested in receiving En Vía's microloans must participate in an introductory business course. The goal of these initial classes is that women learn the fundamentals of how to run and grow a business. These 8 sessions are conversation- and example-based and designed to be adapted for students with a range of literacy levels. 

Make sure to add  the note "Education Program 2022!"to your donation 
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